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Shooting Star

- price advanced well above open price at a certain time during day but closes lower than open price. 

- black body with long upper wick. 

- upper wick must be more than twice as large as black body. 

- lower wick must be very small or nonexistent. 

- must be on a bullish trend to be considered a shooting star! 




Morning Star

- bullish candlestick pattern --> current downward trend is going to reverse. 

It contains 3 candles. 


First day: 

- large black candle --> bears pushing the price down. 


Second day:

- gap opening even lower --> bears keep on pushing the price down. 

- small candle = doji = indecisiveness --> battle bears vs bulls that close at lower price than previous close. 


Third day: 

- large white candle that opens above the middle candle --> price recovery --> bullish








Evening Star

- bearish candlestick pattern --> current upward trend is going to reverse. 


It contains 3 candles. 


First day: 

- large white candle --> bulls pushing the price up. 


Second day:

- small candle that closes above the first candle  --> upward trend is slowing and becoming weaker. 


Third day: 

- large black candle that opens below the previous candle and closes somewhere near the middle of the first candle's body. 






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